Tokyo Disney Sea

Even though I live in America, I’ve never been to Disneyland or Disney World. However, today is my friend’s birthday, and he really wanted to go to Tokyo Disney Sea with everyone, so a bunch of us decided to go.

When you first walk into Disney Sea, you’re greeted by a gigantic globe fountain and floating ship. It’s a great way to say welcome to Disney! One of the first things I noticed (other than how crowded it was), was that a lot of the people who come together dress in the same clothes, or something really similar. Personally I thought it was a really cute idea. Once you walk past the globe and ship and through the entrance way, it opens up and you find yourself truly inside Disney. There are all sorts of buildings and structures that seem to be taken straight from Disney movies. You truly feel as though you’ve entered into another world.

One of my friends ran ahead and picked up fast passes for one of the rides and then we back-tracked to ride Aquatopia. You sit in a little car that takes you on a small lake, but it’s no smooth ride. It takes you in all different directions, spins you around, and squirts water at you. You never know where the water is going to come from or when, so it’s always a surprise. The cars take different paths, so you can’t even look at other cars to guess what might happen to you next. I lucked out. While I did get wet, it wasn’t so bad. However, my friends in the other car got soaked. It took them threw a water spout, spun them around, and took them right back through the water spout again, haha.

Next we picked up lunch at an American style restaurant where they had burgers and chicken nuggets. The chicken nuggets were in the shape of Mickey Mouse. They were so cute! Plus, the food was actually decently priced. The hamburger set, which came with a hamburger, fries, and a drink was ¥700. Don’t get me wrong, that’s probable more expensive than if you got a hamburger meal at McDonalds, but I can guarantee that a hamburger set like that in an amusement park in America would be much more expensive.

Next we made our way to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It’s an “under the sea” adventure. It actually makes you feel like you’re in a submarine doing an exploration. Unfortunately the story is only in Japanese, but you don’t need to understand the story in order to enjoy the ride. It has plenty of things to see and flashing lights to keep you entertained.

The Indiana Jones Adventure Temple of the Crystal Skull was also an adventure ride. It took you through hallways full of skeletons, across rickety bridges, through pitch black hallways, and in the end you almost get crushed by a big rolling bolder. The music in the Indiana Jones background music definitely makes it feel even more like a thrilling adventure.

Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage is a boat ride with an Aladdin theme that smoothly takes you through several rooms decorated with all sorts of robotic puppets and props. It was a nice and calming ride after the thrilling Indiana Jones ride, haha.

Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster reminded me of the roller coasters I used to ride back at home, except it was rather small and short, maybe only 30 seconds or a minute long. Still, it had enough twists, turns, and drops to make it at least a little entertaining.

Next we rode Journey to the Center of the Earth. Even though you go through a few dark hallways at first, the beginning is relatively smooth. It takes you through some really cool scenery with all sorts of different colorful creatures. Next is a tree that was full of electricity. We were all so fascinated by it and we were leaning over trying to look at it better. That was when a big bolt of lightening came down and struck the tree, making us all jump and scream. After that comes a really big bug/lizard looking monster. Some people may have found it scary, but I was amazed by the amount of detail that had gone into making it. The end was what made it a true roller coaster. You pick up speed and then go down a severe drop. However though, after that the ride is over.

Next we decided to go on something slower. Plus, there were people with us who wouldn’t ride roller coasters, so we wanted something we could all go on. That’s why we decided to go on the Blowfish Balloon Race. The ride raises the cars into the air and then spins you around, but it’s not too fast. It reminded me a lot of the rides I’d often find at carnivals and fairs in America.

After that we decided to get dinner. Unfortunately all the places were pretty busy, so we had to stand in line for quite a while before we were able to even order our food. We went to Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante, which sold pasta and pizza and a few other sides. This place was a little more expensive, but not as expensive as some of the other restaurants in the park. Plus, it was getting late and we had already been there for several hours, so we didn’t feel like walking around to find something better.

After dinner, we decided to split up. Some of the people went off to ride the Tower of Terror, which is a ride that pretty much lifts you high in the air and then drops you. Those who didn’t want to ride the Tower of Terror went shopping for souvenirs. As somebody who suffers from motion sickness, I decided to pass on riding the Tower of Terror. Instead, I decided to wander around the many souvenir shops.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Disney movies as much as the next person, however, I’m not like crazy obsessed with Disney movies. I haven’t seen every Disney movie. If I play Disney trivia, I can promise you I’ll lose. Therefore, I wasn’t overly excited about having a Mickey Mouse headband or a Little Mermaid handbag. However, I did want something that showed I had been to Disney in Japan. I was super excited when I found a shirt that had Tokyo Disney Sea written in katakana. Not only did I find something that showed I had been to Disney in Japan, I also got a shirt that had Japanese writing on it, which is a souvenir of my overall time in Japan.

When we finished shopping, those of us who didn’t ride the Tower of Terror watched the water show. I’d heard Disney had fireworks, so I was a little disappointed when I found out that there wasn’t going to be fireworks, but the water show more than made up for the lack of a true fireworks show. In the center of the lake was a cone shaped screen that featured all sorts of Disney characters and there were boats that had people dressed up as the different characters and were dancing. Their clothes were covered in lights that changed with the music, which made for a really cool show. Plus, they did have some small fireworks. You could definitely feel the magic of Disney.

After the water show, we met up with the people who rode the Tower of Terror. We still had a little bit of time left before the park closed, so we decided to make Raging Spirits our last ride of the day. Out of all the rides in Disney Sea, Raging Spirits was a true roller coaster. It had high speed, twists, turns, ups, downs, and it even had a 360 degree loop through some fog. Despite my tendency to get motion sick, I decided to suck it up and go on this one for two reasons. One, I actually really enjoy roller coasters, and I hate that I can’t really ride them anymore. Two, my friend had some motion sickness medicine on hand so I was able to take that before the ride.

Overall, it was a long day. We arrived at Disney around 10:00 AM, and left when it closed at 10:00 PM. For my first time being at Disney, I had an absolute blast. I was worried since I have trouble with motion sickness and I’m not crazy obsessed with Disney that the day was only going to be somewhat amusing. I’ll admit that the main reason I decided to go to Disney was simply because I wanted to celebrate my friend’s birthday with everyone, but I’m actually really happy that I decided to go, because I had an absolute blast.

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