Ueno Zoo and Rainy Season

On Saturday I went to the Ueno Zoo, which is the biggest zoo in Japan. They had all sorts of exhibits and the entrance fee was pretty cheap. Unfortunately though it was a little crowded so I wasn’t able to take too many pictures, but I did get some.

Not surprisingly, the zoo was pretty crowded, especially because it was a Saturday. Im always afraid of going to places that are crowded like this because, with me being as short as I am, it’s usually impossible to see anything. However, I was happy that I was able to see most, if not all, of the animals.

I personally am a fan of big cats (lions, tigers, leopards, etc). Unfortunately the lions were pretty boring. Bother of them were fast asleep in the shade. However the tiger was walking back and forth in front of the glass so I was able to get a pretty good view of it.

They also had exhibits with several different types of birds, too many for me to remember them all. There were quite a few monkey exhibits as well, including gorillas. I was quite surprised to find that they even had several elephants. When I think about how small and crowded Japan is, somehow I just can’t see elephants finding a spot here, but somehow they did! They also had several different types of bears, the most popular of which was probably the panda. We got to watch the keepers feed the panda which was pretty cool.

Overall, the zoo was enjoyable. Honestly, I think some of the zoos back home were bigger than this zoo, but considering how small everything in Japan is, I was quite surprised by the size of this zoo and was glad I got to see some cool animals.

I was supposed to go adventuring today, but unfortunately there is a 100% chance of rain pretty much all day. That’s one of the joys of rainy season here in Japan. I look at my weather forecast for the week, and it’s pretty much entirely rain. If I’m lucky it won’t be raining, but even then it’s still usually pretty cloudy. I really miss the sunshine.

Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with the rain. I love watching the rain, and I particularly love thunderstorms. However, I hate going out in it. I hate when my feet and clothes get wet and then I have to walk around feeling uncomfortable all day. Unfortunately, rainy season has only just begun, but it should be gone right around when finals are, so my last week and a half of travels in Japan should be relatively nice. I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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