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Trip planning can be a lot of work. More often than not, it is also very stressful. Thankfully, it’s something I enjoy doing (so weird, right?). Through this blog, I aim to inspire other people to travel more and help them realize that anybody can travel with the right amount of planning.


After studying abroad, I found that it was simply impossible for me to return to the life I had been living before I left on my journey. Travel can be a truly eye opening experience and can greatly affect your views of other people and places. I also intend to write about some of the personal revelations I have along the way. If you are ever feeling as lost in life as I have, hopefully this will help guide you.

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Trip research and creating an itinerary can be an intensive task and even a little overwhelming at times. There always seems to be so much to think about in order to make sure you get to do everything you want, get everything at a good price, and overall have a good time. However, planning your trip doesn’t have to be a super stressful process as long as you have a methodology for tackling it.

To make my trip planning easier and less stressful, I created a planner called A Dreamer’s Guide to Trip Planning. It’s a convenient way for me to keep all of my research organized and in one location. Now, I use it every time I start thinking about visiting a new place.

Learn how to plan for your next trip the non-stressful way!

A Dreamer's Guide to Trip Planning: Trip Research and Creating an Itinerary

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