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When I’m not writing a new post or planning for my next adventure, I’m reading about other travelers who are out there chasing their dreams! Here are my favorite travel bloggers…

Heart My Backpack – Silvia Lawrence


Heart My Backpack - Travel Blog

Silvia Lawrence’s blog, Heart My Backpack, was the first travel blog I started reading. I stumbled across her post “How Travel Killed My Ambition” and was amazed by how much I had related to her post. I had a similar revelation after returning home from my study abroad program.

As I continued reading through her blog, I stumbled across another post, “How Japan Made Me Travel,” that I felt like I understood better than most people. During my study abroad trip in Japan, I had quickly learned that you will never be Japanese, and I could relate to the frustrations Silvia felt with her time in Japan.

Reading her blog gives me inspiration because we seem to be somewhat similar, and surely if she has accomplished so many great and amazing things, then I can too.


Travel Lemming – Nate


Travel Lemming - Travel Blog

I stumbled across this blog when scrolling through Pinterest. The pin caught my attention because it contained a quote that accurately described a feeling I had been struggling to put into words for months. “Travel is Fatal to Prejudice” is a statement I believe is 150% accurate. He captures the way bad first impressions can create negatives opinions of a place or entire group of people, and the way travel breaks down those barriers. This post is just one example of the unique perspective he brings to the world of traveling.


The Invisible Tourist – Alyse


The Invisible Tourist Logo

While Alyse and I have a different “main focus” for our blogs, I feel like we are very similar types of travelers. I’m not a backpacker or luxury traveler. While I like going off the beaten path and discovering new, incredible places, I am also perfectly content being the tourist and visiting the cliche tourist destinations. Not to mention, I can totally relate to her #petitetravellerproblems!

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