Tokyo 2020 Olympics For Dummies

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Make the most of your 2020 Olympic adventure!

Are you heading to Tokyo this summer for the 2020 Olympics but a little overwhelmed with planning the trip? Countless international travelers will arrive in Tokyo to share in the worldwide camaraderie and watch world-class athletes in 33 sports. Tokyo 2020 Olympics For Dummies is your complete authority on how to join in!

This book has what you need to know to prepare for and enjoy that once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Inside, you’ll find international travel tips, trip planning advice, fascinating facts about Japanese culture and customs, and great things to see and do in Japan. You’ll also get a complete rundown on the 2020 Olympic Games, including the various venues, new events, ticket sales, opening and closing ceremonies, and more!

Tokyo 2020 Olympics For Dummies 3D Book | Footsteps of a Dreamer

Inside the Book…

Part 1: Getting Ready to Travel to Tokyo

  • Chapter 1: Feeling the Olympic Spirit
  • Chapter 2: Taking Care of the Details
  • Chapter 3: Using Your Cellphone in Japan
  • Chapter 4: What to Bring with You to Japan

Part 2: The XXXII Olympic Summer Games

  • Chapter 5: Venues and Locations
  • Chapter 6: Understanding the Games
  • Chapter 7: Budgeting for Tickets
  • Chapter 8: Other Olympic Activities

Part 3: Planning Your Trip

  • Chapter 9: Buying Tickets to the Games
  • Chapter 10: Traveling to Japan and Finding a Place to Stay
  • Chapter 11: Finding Other Things to Do in Tokyo
  • Chapter 12: Building an Itinerary

Part 4: Enjoying Your Time in Tokyo

  • Chapter 13: Arriving and Getting Oriented
  • Chapter 14: Learning Some Simple Japanese Phrases
  • Chapter 15: Getting Around Tokyo
  • Chapter 16: Fitting In: Customs, Manners, and Laws

Part 5: Extending Your Trip

  • Chapter 17: Taking a Day Trip from Tokyo
  • Chapter 18: Visiting Other Places in Japan

Part 6: The Part of Tens

  • Chapter 19: Top Ten Things to Do in Tokyo
  • Chapter 20: Top Ten Olympic Events to Watch

Kiyoko Holding Tokyo 2020 Olympics For Dummies Book | Footsteps of a Dreamer

About the Author

Celeste Kiyoko Hall is the owner of Footsteps of a Dreamer, a travel website dedicated to helping readers plan their next trip. A frequent traveler herself, she has helped countless travelers plan their trips to Japan.

Her travel inspiration stemmed from a strong passion in her Japanese heritage. She has dedicated a significant portion of her life to helping others learn more about Japan and the culture. As a board member of the Midwestern Japan Student Associations and president of the Japanese Cultural Exchange Circle, she helped university students learn more about Japanese culture and customs. She continues that tradition by participating in online communities related to Japan travel and publishing Japan travel content on her website.

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