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Who Am I?

My name is Kiyoko and I run this travel blog part time in addition to working full time.

Despite only working on this blog part time, I pour my heart and soul into the management of this blog. My strong organizational skills and attention to detail allowed me to graduate in the top 10 of my high school and Magna Cum Laude in college. I now apply those same skills to rapidly growing my following and providing useful, actionable information to my readers.

What Are My Demographics?

Footsteps of a Dreamer targets readers interested in planning and preparing for their next trip. I aim to provide them with all the necessary information to create an itinerary, build a budget, determine what to pack, and more.

What Can I Offer to Partnerships?

Footsteps of a Dreamer is currently open to partnerships that will provide value to readers as well as give exposure to the partner. Our specialized niche guarantees that our partners get their products and services in front of readers who will be naturally interested.

Possible partnership opportunities may include but is not limited to:

  • Coverage of trips
  • Reviews of lodging, activities, and/or transportation
  • Reviews of travel related products and/or services

Coverage and reviews may be done through an agreed upon number of written articles, social media promotions, and/or photographs.


I will only accept partnerships for products and services I believe to be beneficial to my readers. In accordance will ethical blogging practices, all reviews of trips/lodging/products/services will be 100% truthful. I cannot guarantee positive feedback, nor will I purposely speak negatively about competitors. Any sponsored posts will be disclosed as such, per FTC guidelines.

At this point in time, I only accept sponsored posts and links that are no-follow.

Contact Me

For more information about partnership opportunities, demographics, and/or site and social statistics, please contact me at

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