70+ World Travel Themed Home Decor Ideas

Pretty soon, I’ll have my first place of my own (I’ve moved out before, but I was always in some sort of dorm), and I’m super excited to buy all the furniture, decor, and everything else that goes with getting your own place. Given my very obvious travel addiction, I thought it would make sense for a lot of the home decor in my new apartment to be travel themed. I can’t make EVERYTHING travel themed (my boyfriend would kick me out before we even moved in), but let’s just say people won’t have to guess what I had in mind when decorating our new place. So, if you are moving into a new place, or just looking to do some redecorating, check out these world travel themed home decor ideas!

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World Travel Themed Home Decor Ideas | Footsteps of a Dreamer

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Travel Inspired Living Room Decorations

Travel Throw Pillows

Pillows are a great way to add just a touch of travel decor to a living room. They’re not overly obnoxious, but still obvious. Plus, since they come in so many different colors, it’s not too terribly difficult to find one that would match your couch!

Stacked Travel Chests

I found out real fast when looking at furniture that end tables are surprisingly expensive. So, when I saw these on Amazon, I thought it was a really cool idea. Instead of the traditional end table (that may or may not have a small drawer to put things in), why not get suitcase styled chests? They’re stack-able and can store way more than your traditional end table.

Suitcase Shelves

I found these in one of the home decor stores I had visited and thought it was a cute idea. Instead of the traditional wooden shelves, get creative and use shelves that were decorated to look like suitcases. They’ll match your suitcase end tables!

Travel Coasters

If you don’t already have some souvenir drink coasters from your various trips around the world, you can get some world map drink coasters to make sure your new, nice tables don’t get ruined by condensation from drinking glasses.

World Map Tissue Box Cover

I don’t think too many people use tissue box covers anymore, but I thought it was one of the more unique travel decor ideas. If nothing else, it’s a conversation piece!

Traditional Globes

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of travel decor? A globe of course! You can’t decorate your new place with a travel theme and not have at least one globe around.

Travel Themed Dining Room Decor

Travel Placemats

Like I mentioned above, once you get that nice, new table, you don’t want it to be ruined from moisture from cold drinks or hot plates. Placemats are an easy and common fix to that problem. If you’re going to be buying placemats anyway, might as well make them travel themed, right?

World Map Table Runner

If dinner placemats aren’t enough, why not complete the look with a matching table runner?

World Travel Bedroom Decor

Travel Lamp

Looking for something cool and unique to show off to all of your friends? Then you have to check out this floating globe lamp! It uses magnets to make the globe levitate and it even spins around like a traditional globe! It has LEDs built into the frame to make it light up and look even cooler! Of course, you can always go with the more traditional travel home decor too…

World Map Bed Comforter

Do you dream of traveling the world? I thought so! Why not go to sleep surrounded by a map of all the places you dream of visiting?

Travel Pillow Cases

Of course, you can’t have a world map bed comforter and not have matching pillow cases. You just can’t do it.

Travel Themed Bathroom Decor

Travel Inspired Shower Curtains

Since most showers require some sort of shower curtain (unless you don’t mind lots of water getting all over the floor), having a travel themed shower curtain is an easy way to add a touch of travel to your home life. It’s simple, and separate from the rest of the rooms in the house (in case you don’t want your guests overwhelmed by travel decor the moment they walk into your new place).

World Map Towels

If you are looking to make the entire bathroom travel themed (instead of just having a touch of it), you can also get bath towels that are travel themed. It’s especially nice if you have a rack where you can sort of hang them on display when not in use.

Travel Inspired Kitchen Items

Travel Themed Alcohol Items

Even if you’re not into the “travel decor” thing, you can still add a bit of travel to your home life. You can break out these glasses when you’ve brought home some souvenir drinks from your most recent destination.

World Map Plates

If you don’t have a big dinning room table, or aren’t really the type of person to use placemats and a table runner, you can still add a bit of travel decor to meal time with these cool looking plates!

Travel Inspired Napkins

My mom always gives me a hard time because I have a bad habit of wiping my hands on my jeans instead of using a napkin (especially when eating greasy or salty foods), but if I had these napkins, I might be a little more inclined to use them (hint-hint mom: these would make a good moving gift).

World Map Cutting Board

Cutting boards are another one of those more subtle items that don’t necessarily get put on display. Since most traditional cutting boards are typically pretty bland, you can spice yours up by getting a travel decorated one.

Travel Themed Office Decor

Push pin cork globe

My boyfriend and I are to turning our second bedroom into an office since both of us have computer desks. It’s the perfect place to put a tiny globe like this one. Plus, it’s exciting being able to put a new pin in it every time we go someplace new.

Globe Book Ends

I LOVE books. Unfortunately I don’t have as much time to read as I used to (which I think is a shame given how much I really loved it), but I’m really proud of my bookshelves and all the books that sit on them. Plus, I’ve always loved the feel of sitting in a library (especially those rustic ones you see in movies). I figured why not combine some of my biggest passions and add a little travel decor to my bookshelves?

Book Box Covers

If you’ve never heard of book boxes, don’t feel guilty. I hadn’t heard of them either until I started shopping for home decor! Book boxes are great for those book lovers (like me) that want their books to remain in mint condition. You can put your favorite books in book boxes to protect them from dust and moisture. Plus you can give your bookshelves more of a universal look (like the rustic library I mentioned above).

Pencil Holder

Because no desk would be complete without a pencil or pen holder.

Travel Wall Decor

Decorative World Maps

This is what usually comes to mind when you think of travel decor (and usually some of the first results when looking online). You can always go with the traditional, school-like world map, but there are some really cool looking world maps out there if you’re looking for something a little more unique.

Scratch Off World Maps

In more recent years, scratch off world maps have become more popular. They’re a great way to showcase all of the different places you’ve been! My mom got me one for Christmas and I absolutely love it. However, all of the places I’ve been are pretty small, so it doesn’t look like I’ve scratched anything off, but I’m working on it!

Wall Clocks

This is another one of more simple travel decor ideas. It’s a common household decoration and easy to customize to your style. Plus, there are lots of different options out there, so it isn’t too difficult to find one you like.

Word Art and Hangings

You can find all sorts of quotes that have been turned into travel decor. I feel like almost every home decor store that I’ve walked into has had some sort of wall piece with an inspiration adventure quote on it. Even if you’re not looking to go all out with the travel theme, they’re something small and nice you can hang on the wall to express your passion for travel.

Other Travel Decorating Ideas

World Map Welcome Mat

What better way to welcome guests than to welcome them to your adventures? No better way to set the travel theme than to have it be the first thing you see!

Light Switch Covers

I don’t know if I would replace every light switch cover in my new place with a travel inspired one, but I thought it was a unique way to incorporate travel into home decor. At this point though, the rest of the place is already travel themed, might as well make the light switches travel themed too.

Outlet Covers

If you’ve got travel themes lights switch covers, it only makes sense that you have travel inspired outlet covers too. If you have one, you just have to have the other!

And that’s it for my long list of travel themed home decor! What did you think? Will you be including any of these items the next time you decide to do some redecorating? Let me know in the comments below!

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World Travel Themed Home Decor Ideas | Footsteps of a Dreamer

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