Hawaii 3 Day Big Island Itinerary

Hawaii 3 Day Big Island Itinerary + Tips

The island of Hawai’i, more commonly called the Big Island, is known for its amazing landscapes, and in particular, its volcanoes. It’s not as commercialized as Oahu (another of the Hawaiian islands), which means that when you’re on the island, you get to truly escape the craziness of everyday life and spend some time in paradise. This 3 Day Big Island Itinerary will give you plenty ideas for things to do, where to stay, what to pack, and more!

Orlando Itinerary Things to Do Besides Theme Parks | Footsteps of a Dreamer

Orlando Itinerary: Things to do in Orlando Besides Theme Parks

When people talk about going to Orlando, Florida for vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is Walt Disney World. The second is Universal Studios. However, there are lots of things to do in Orlando besides theme parks! I happened to be in Orlando for a work conference and decided to take a few personal days afterwards to explore the area. Since I only had 2 days in Orlando, I decided that I would leave the theme parks for another vacation and instead would check out everything else Orlando had to offer. If you’re looking for things to in Orlando besides theme parks, you’ll definitely want to check out this action packed 2 day Orlando itinerary!

Maui 5 Day Itinerary | Footsteps of a Dreamer

The Ultimate 5 Day Maui Itinerary

It’s no secret that planning a vacation is quite overwhelming. Between doing research on your destination, choosing your accommodations, and finding activities, it can get pretty stressful. Luckily for you, I have put together the perfect 5 day Maui itinerary to make your trip planning a little smoother. The island of Maui, Hawaii is known to be its own little paradise – from breathtaking beaches, perfect weather, phenomenal locals, to fun activities all around. It doesn’t get much better than this. I have had the pleasure of visiting Maui twice already and each time, it never fails to amaze me. In this Maui 5 day itinerary you will find nothing but the best tips to create the perfect vacation.

Oahu 5 Day Itinerary and Travel Guide | Footsteps of a Dreamer

Oahu 5 Day Itinerary and Travel Guide

Did you know that Oahu is home to the only official royal palace on American soil? Did you know that the record low temperature in Oahu is only 52°F? Did you know that in Oahu surfers have ridden waves 85 feet tall? Rich culture and history, warm temperatures, and beautiful beaches are just a few of the reasons to visit this beautiful island! Check out this Oahu 5 day itinerary and travel guide to learn what to do, where to stay, how to get around, and how to get discounts on it all!

The Best of Hiroshima: a 1 - 2 Day Hiroshima Itinerary | Footsteps of a Dreamer

The Best of Hiroshima, Japan: A 1 – 2 Day Hiroshima Itinerary

Hiroshima is one of those places that tends to get left off many Japan itineraries, especially if it’s a person’s first time to Japan. However, I personally made a point to visit Hiroshima, even if it was only for a day or two. It may not have some of the great shrines or culturally unique activities like Kyoto or Tokyo, but its rich in history. Find things to do, where to stay, how to get around, and more with this 1 – 2 day Hiroshima itinerary!

Travel Guide for Kauai Itinerary Car Rental Hotel | Footsteps of a Dreamer

One Day in Kauai Itinerary

Often called “The Garden Isle,” the island of Kauai in Hawaii is well known for its beautiful landscapes and beaches. Not only is it home to the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” but it’s also home to some incredible sea cliffs and adventurous hikes! Find a one day in Kauai itinerary, car rental suggestions, and hotel recommendations, and more in this travel guide for Kauai, Hawaii!

Nashville 4 Day Itinerary | Footsteps of a Dreamer

4 Days In Nashville: Trip Itinerary and Visitor’s Guide

As big fans of country music, Nashville was one of the places that had been on my mom and I’s bucket list. However, we quickly learned that Nashville is for more than just country music lovers. It seemed everyone we talked to who had been to Nashville had absolutely loved the city. With every person who told us how amazing Nashville was, we grew more and more excited for our own trip…. and it didn’t disappoint! Nashville was an absolutely fantastic city, full of history and all types of music. We quickly discovered why it was called Music City! Find out for yourself with this 4 Day Nashville Trip Itinerary and Visitor’s Guide.

Visit Louisville Kentucky: 36 Hour Travel Guide | Footsteps of a Dreamer

Visit Louisville, Kentucky: 36 Hour Travel Guide

Have a weekend to getaway? Looking for a place to stop on a road trip? There are lots of things to do in Louisville before you have to hit the road again! My mom and I chose to visit Louisville, Kentucky on our way to Nashville, Tennessee to give us a break from driving. See what we did with 36 hours in Lousiville, where we stayed the night, and what we thought of the city!

A 2 - 4 Day Kyoto Itinerary | Footsteps of a Dreamer

The Best 2 or 4 Day Kyoto Itinerary + Day Trips

Out of all the places in Japan, Kyoto was the place I wanted to visit most during my time in Japan. I love traditional Japanese culture and am obsessed with shrines and temples, so naturally Kyoto would be the place for me. During the four months I spent in Japan, I ended up visiting Kyoto on a couple of different occasions (one of which happened to be during Golden Week – a string of holidays in Japan and also a very popular travel time). For your convenience, I’ve condensed my adventures down to one, easy-to-follow 4 day Kyoto itinerary!

2 Days in Osaka - Osaka Itinerary | Footsteps of a Dreamer

A 2 Day Osaka Itinerary: The Best of Osaka

With it’s cool buildings (traditional and modern) and bountiful activities, it’s no surprise that Osaka makes it into many Japan itineraries, especially for first timers. Personally, I think the perfect amount of time to spend is 2 days in Osaka. It gives you enough time to check out all the city’s major attractions without feeling too rushed. Keep reading to find out what to put in your 2 day Osaka itinerary!

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