New York for New Year’s – Day 1

Growing up, I would always watch the ball drop on TV on New Year’s Eve. I would see the crazy crowd of people in Times Square all wearing their New Year’s glasses and partying the night away. Despite what others might think, I thought it would be so cool to be in Times Square and experience the ball drop in person. I’m so excited to say that this year I was able to go (and even better I got to go with my boyfriend)!

We decided to only go for a few days since we decided to go a little last minute. We decided to arrive in New York the day before New Year’s Eve so we could do some sightseeing.

We made it to our hotel in New Jersey around 12:45pm on the day before New Year’s Eve. We decided to stay in New Jersey since it was much cheaper than staying in New York. We took a shuttle from our hotel to the airport, and then from there we were able to take the NJ Transit into New York City.

We decided to go to the Rockefeller Center first but walked through Times Square on the way. I’ve been to Times Square before, this time was especially cool because I could see all the stages that were set up for different performances. Plus, Times Square is just cool in general with all the tall buildings and neon lights.

When we finally made it to the Rockefeller Center, we found that it was absolutely packed. I really wanted to go to the Top of the Rock, which is an observatory at the top of the Rockefeller Center, but unfortunately it was so busy that I was unable to go up. However, I was still able to get a pretty decent picture of the famous ice skating rink and big Christmas tree.

After that, we decided to go into the Lego store, which is right next to the Rockefeller Center. We ended up having to stand in line just to get into the store (because the store had reached its max capacity). It was a cool store, especially because they had all sorts of decorations made out of Legos, including a dragon that stretch across both floors. However, because the store was so packed, it was almost impossible to look at some of the merchandise. We didn’t even stop at any of the other stores in the area because walking up and down the street was enough of a challenge. Moral of the story, don’t try and do any sightseeing in the Manhattan area close to New Year’s.

In the evening, we made our way to Little Italy, which was much less crowded. We got dinner at Lombardi’s, which is recognized as America’s first pizzeria, so of course we ordered pizza. There was definitely a wait, but we didn’t mind. After dinner, we decided to just walk around, admiring all the different shops, and even stopped for dessert.

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