Ultimate 7 Day Japan Itinerary

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  1. Angela says:

    HI.. am planning my trip to Japan and find your site so very useful. Thank you for your detailed descriptions.
    Can you please confirm if you have included the return train ticket from kyoto to Japan on the return leg in your above calculations. I read that a one way train ticket from tokyo to kyoto is 13,100 yen so return will be 26,200 approx right. Yet you say that undiscounted ticket costs for all travel incl. internal subways in both locations and airport transfers is 24500. Again thank you for your efforts in putting these guides together.

    • Kiyoko says:

      Hi Angela,

      So exciting to be planning a trip to Japan! Glad you’ve found everything useful!

      You are correct. It looks like I included the return trip to the airport from Tokyo, but missed the return ticket from Kyoto to Tokyo in my budget calculations. Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve updated the post accordingly!


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