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Posts that are aimed at helping students who intend on doing study abroad at Rikkyo University or enrolling as an international student at Rikkyo University in Japan

International Student Orientation at Rikkyo University

International Student Orientation at Rikkyo University

Planning on studying abroad at Rikkyo University in the near future?  In this post I talk about my experience going through orientation for new international students at Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan. Some of this may change in the future, but it should give you an idea of what to expect for your orientation. Overall, some of the information was common sense, but much of it proved very useful during my time in Japan.

Heading Home

Heading Home

The day I left my dorm, I said goodbye to many of my friends, and spent a good part of the train ride in tears. However, I was on my way to Chiba with one of my friends, so I had that to hold onto. I spent the day with his family as he showed me around his hometown, and he and his family took me to the airport when it was finally time to board my plane.

Farewell Party

Yokohama and Farewell Party

On Tuesday me and a few friends went to Yokohama for the day and went to Chinatown and the bay area. Then, on Saturday our dorm held a farewell party. We still have a few weeks before people start leaving, but with finals starting this coming week, they figured now would be the best time. It’s hard to believe it’s already time to say farewell.

Noh Workshop, 4th of July, and Karaoke

On Saturday I went to a Noh workshop that was being held at Rikkyo. Noh is a traditional Japanese musical drama. Chances are, you’ve probably seen pictures of the masks that are often used in Noh, even if you didn’t realize what it was for. Yesterday was the 4th of July, which is Independance Day in America. Once classes were over for the day, I went out to an Izakaya (a casual drinking establishment with small food dishes and lots of alcohol) with some friends from America to celebrate my friend’s 21st birthday.

Kiyosumi Teien and More Baseball

On Tuesday I decided to visit Kiyosumi Teien, which is an extremely beautiful and peaceful garden. Unfortunately though, I brought my camera but forgot my memory card in my laptop back home so I had to resort to using my phone for pictures. Then, yesterday I went to the baseball game between two of the baseball clubs in Rikkyo to watch my friends play.

Chureito Pagoda and Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji and Dorm Barbeque

On Saturday we went to Lake Kawaguchiko, which is the second largest of the five lakes that surround Mt. Fuji. We went to some of the better viewing spots in the area in order to get some pictures of Mt. Fuji. Then yesterday the company that owns our dorm held a barbecue with all the other dorms that it owns, so there were more than just Rikkyo students there. After the barbecue we were free to run around and play games.

Tokyo Darts Stadium

Daily Life

Even when I’m not out adventuring, life in Japan is pretty fun. When I’m at the dorm, I’m usually down in the dining hall with the other residents. A lot of the time we just sit and talk, and other times we play Uno, Old Maid, Chess, Shogi, and more. The other day I even went out and played darts with a few friends.

Rikkyo Baseball Team

Rikkyo Baseball Game

Saturday we went to the Meiji Jingu Stadium (not the shrine) to see the Rikkyo vs. Waseda baseball game. I personally like baseball, but I will admit that baseball does have its boring moments. However, even the people who think baseball is boring probably would have enjoyed this game.

Bowling at Round1

More Parties and Fun

I’ve made it through my first week of school. Yesterday I went to the welcome party hosted by JOINUS, which is a club (here they are called “circles”) designed for international students and domestic students to be able to interact with one another. Then in the evening I once again went to karaoke. Today, I went out bowling with a few friends from the dorm, and we also played a few of the arcade games and took a purikura.

Dorm Welcome Party

Welcome Party and School Starting

On Sunday there was a welcome party at my dorm for all the new freshman as well as all the new international students. We had dinner and played some games in order to get to know one another. Yesterday was my first day of school, but it wasn’t overly exciting. What can I say? School is school, no matter what country you are in.

Club fair at Rikkyo University

School Clubs, Shibuya, and Shinjuku

Monday I started off the morning by heading to Ikebukuro with several people from my dorm. We stopped by St. Paul’s Plaza (the university bookstore) and then walked over to see all the different clubs (although in Japan clubs are called “circles”) that were on display. Tuesday was my advising appointment, which really hadn’t been necessary and then after that I decided to wander around Shinjuku and do some shopping. Yesterday was the welcome dinner for the Kyudo club, which is a club for traditional Japanese archery.

Kuromegawa Sakura Blossoms

More Orientation and Other Fun

Wednesday I had a Life Safety Learning Seminar that talked about fire and earthquake safety. That was actually quite cool. Then on Thursday we had an orientation for the dorm and for the JASSO and RUI scholarships. Then today we got our placement test results. But things weren’t all work and no play. On Wednesday I decided to stop by Anime Plaza and Animate. Then yesterday night I made my way down to Kuromegawa (a river near Asakadai dorm) to check out the cherry blossoms before heading out for karaoke!