Benefits of Traveling: Physical Fitness

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  1. Nicole says:

    It’s funny. I always lose weight and feel great when I go on holiday. I think it is because I am so happy, that I eat much less and we are always out walking. Great photos to inspire a destination and a good hike works too!

    • Kiyoko says:

      I definitely find that I eat a lot less when I travel. I’m so busy out chasing cool adventures and have a bad habit of not planning time for meals.

  2. Jenn says:

    I always find when I go traveling I end up losing weight even after all that eating because I walk everywhere and some of the best things to see are in nature which means long hikes! I definitely be up for seeing surface lava no matter how long the hike took me!

  3. I’m inspired by adventures and activities that I can’t do at home. I prefer to stay active when I travel so I can eat more and still for in my pants.

    • Kiyoko says:

      I can definitely relate! I’m from a small rural town, and there weren’t any mountains or great hikes to go on, so it always excites me when I get to do active things I can’t do at home!

  4. I’m so with you…the gym stinks! Now, I do force myself to work out at home in my living room (usually in the pre-dawn hours before I even realize what I’ve done) but I much rather go on a hike or explore NYC by foot to get active. For me, there’s so much more enjoyment when physical activities are blended as part of something I’m excited about doing.

    • Kiyoko says:

      Definitely agree! Not sure I have the enough self-motivation to get myself up in the morning just to work out, but I don’t need self-motivation to go hike a mountain if it means I’ll get a fantastic view from the top!

  5. Paige says:

    I’m so jealous that I didn’t get to see lava flow when I was in Hawaii. We were there a month before the lava flow was accessible by foot without having to hike 20+ miles :/ but I’m always down for a 10 mile hike – it’s my favorite form of exercise.

    • Kiyoko says:

      I really didn’t get to “see” it either. I was hoping to be able to get super close to it, but found that I had been super unprepared for the hike. Thankfully though, the lava glows really bright in the dark so even thought I was still a couple miles away, I could get a decent picture of it. Even so, getting to that point was quite the workout!

  6. I have a rule that goes back to the beginning of my traveling “career” – walk everywhere. Can’t walk – get on a bicycle. I crisscrossed New York on foot too. Funny, but the reason I did so was also related to the subway. It was too crowded. Thank you for amazing inspirational photos. Cheers!

    • Kiyoko says:

      I can definitely understand that! Honestly, I didn’t ride the subway in New York just because I couldn’t figure it out and just kept getting lost, haha. Still, it was a great excuse to get some exercise! Even if it meant having to walk in the cold (since I was there during winter).

  7. Kirstie says:

    Best way to know a city, you walk. Always worked for me. But, I still might need gym. I tend to eat everything edible I pass by when I walk around hahhaa

    • Kiyoko says:

      I can definitely feel that! I find those street food vendors incredibly hard to resist sometimes! Still, I think you get the “feel” of a city so much more by taking some time to just walk around it.

  8. As already mentioned, the best way to explore a place is on foot. Walk everywhere and you won’t have time to gain those pounds. Besides, who wants to sit in their hotel room at a foreign place? (Okay, sometimes you want to do that, but take the stairs.)

    • Kiyoko says:

      I feel like when it comes to exercise, walking is so underrated. Sure it may not be entirely enough to stave off those extra pounds, but it still helps quite a bit. And you’re right, there’s no better way to experience a place like walking through it!

  9. Penny Sadler says:

    Yeah, that’s definitely one of the many benefits of traveling. If I were home, I would just probably sit and watch TV, but when I’m traveling I can walk the whole day, especially if it’s a wine tour. There are cities that are very conducive to walking, like as you said, New York. I would totally walk for hours to see the lava in Hawaii too! What a great experience!

    • Kiyoko says:

      I wish more places were conductive to walking! Honestly, walking from my house to the nearby grocery market isn’t that far, but because its a rural town, it’s just easier to drive to the market. Yet, if I was in a bigger city, I would probably find myself walking there and not even think twice about the distance!

  10. Rosemary says:

    Completely agree, one of the side benefits of traveling is walking and exploring…and the food is the reward. What amazing views of the lava. How incredible. Was it hot? Fitness and travel go hand in hand and make for losing weight without even trying 🙂

    • Kiyoko says:

      I couldn’t tell you! Unfortunately I didn’t prepare well enough for the hike to see the surface lava, so I had to head back before I could get real close. That picture was actually taken from my zoom lens, several miles from where the surface lava actually was. It was totally worth the several mile hike though! Hopefully next time I’ll be able to get much closer!

  11. Travelling definitely keeps you fit! Val and I used to always try to find time for runs or to go to the gym when we were living in Portland, but when we’re on the road we seems to walk 8-10 miles ever day just wandering around our current location!

    I am loving your shots of Hawaii! We lived on Oahu for a while – right there at the base of Diamond Head next to Kapiolani park so we have done that hike up many times. I think you can almost see our apartment down in the lower right hand corner of of your photo. And hiking out to the lava flows on the Big Island is such a unique experience!

    Hope you keep on being inspired and keep on hiking to those incredible views!

    • Kiyoko says:

      I walk SO MUCH when I’m traveling. It always makes me giggle a little when I’m researching hotels and they advertise a fitness facility. It’s probably very useful for many people, but for me I probably get more of a workout doing just my normal sightseeing/adventuring activities that I would ever get from a half hour – hour gym work out!

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